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This website is all about understanding teams and team building training; the purpose of team building activities; why corporate team building events can be effective; planning a team building strategy; building creative teams.

Why Team Building?

'We need some kind of teambuilding activity'

This is a phrase we hear a lot these days.

Corporate team building events, it seems, are on the increase. Everyone seems to be having them these days. But are they living up to expectations?

We've been running team building events and trainings for sixteen years now and from our experience often the people talking about team building don't really know what they mean.

The reality is, that many, if not most, team building activities don't work.

They should. All that thought, effort, money, planning should make your team building event exciting, worthwhile and productive.

It's as if we all know that teams are good. We understand the sum of the parts thing, but we don't quite know how to make a team work in the way we'd like it to, so we think, 'My team isn't working as well as it could; a team building will sort it all out.'

This website will, we hope, give you a good idea of what can be achieved with a well designed team building event.

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